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🍋⚔️🥝Lemons vs Kiwi: solving semantic segmentation task

Entire process of building a prototype: semantic segmentation model is built to distinguish lemons from kiwi.


🛠️Basic annotation overview

More labeled data you have — better AI you get.

Smart Tool

Smart tool overview

Put rectangle and we will pixelwise segment dominant object inside.

🌈Trainable smart pixel segmentation tool

It's just another neural network. And that means we can train it to work with any type of object, even the most complex one!


🤖Human in the loop for Person Detection

Let’s utilize Deep Learning to annotate thouthands of images in hours!

💊Medical image analysis with Supervisely

How to build blood vessel segmentation in retina images when you only have 6 images in training set.

Training neural networks

🔥Segmentation with custom neural network on public dataset

Automatic segmentation with custom neural network.

Import custom neural networks, train and apply to your data

Model Zoo is an awesome thing, but what if you want to use own model?

🤷👩‍🔧👨‍🔬Human Instances Segmentation (Faster RCNN + UNet)

Let’s consistently apply object detection and segmentation models to segment person instances.

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