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Iterate from image annotation to accurate neural networks 10x faster
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Image annotation and data management

With our best-in-class data labeling tools transform your images / videos / 3d point cloud into high-quality training data.

Ready infrastructure for real-world business problems

Train your models, track experiments, visualize and continuously improve model predictions, build custom solution within the single environment.

Enterprise: on-premises, integration and customization

Our self-hosted solution guaranties data privacy, powerful customization capabilities, and easy integration into your technology stack.

Trusted by Fortune 500. Used by 50,000 companies and researchers worldwide

All-in-one Labeling Platform

A turnkey solution for Computer Vision: multi-format data annotation & management, quality control at scale and neural networks training in end-to-end platform.

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Video Labeling

Inspired by professional video editing software, created by data scientists for data scientists — the most powerful video labeling tool for machine learning and more.

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NN TrackingInterpolationTimelineMulti-cameraLive TranscodingWeb Based

Point Cloud Labeling

A self-hosted solution for labeling comprehensive 3D scene build by LIDAR, camera or radar.

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CuboidsSensor FusionPhoto contextMultiple formatsWeb Based

Ready infrastructure to solve real-world business problems

Your data scientists are not DevOps engineers. Forget infrastructure issues and save months. All experiments, neural networks and datasets are structured and always just a few clicks away. Supervisely shortens R&D cycle by automating routine work, all heavylifting happens behind the scenes.


Collect the data, organize and manage annotation team to label it

Raw image
Annotated image
Learning is continuous: visualize and correct NN predictions, apply Active Learning approach to improve NN accuracy with Supervisely

Prepare training datasets with a few clicks without coding

Training dataset

Train custom neural networks and track metrics


Choose best models and combine them into production pipelines

Input image
Production pipeline
Apply first model to segment image
Apply second model to detect objects
Apply final model to classify objects
Run custom post-processing
Output image

Integrate to your very custom production environment

Deploy as API

Download weights
and source code

Enterprise ready: on-premises, seamless integration and customization

Supervisely Enterprise is fully self-hosted and cloud frendly: install it on your servers or in the cloud, keep everything private. We provide API, SDK and backend source codes. So it is highly customizable and can be integrated into any technology stack.

Russia's leading road inspection company

NPO Region processes thousands of miles of video to generate surface quality reports. Supervisely has become an essential part of company's infrastructure and powers both data labelling and building production-level neural networks.

Power lines defects detection platform

EasyInspect makes drone inspection easier than ever. To provide customers with state-of-the art AI, EasyInspect uses Supervisely to develop inspection models and deal with data labelling.

Self-driving car prototype

Self-driving is not an easy task and requires tons of experiments and rich datasets. Bright Box has used Supervisely to build high quality training data and accurate vision models to create self-driving car prototype.

Trusted by Fortune 500. Used by 50,000 companies and researchers worldwide

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