Supervisely Enterprise Edition

Self-deployment platform for in-house usage

Supervisely Enterprise Edition (EE) is our offering for large and small organizations in need of data security, scale annotations, monitoring, granular access and a dashboard to manage datasets easily.

Easy-to-deploy enterprise-grade annotation platform

Today more and more companies start to apply neural networks to their products or build something amazing from scratch. In any case, the more data you have, the better AI you get. While new fancy models pop up every day, solutions for data infrastructure problems stay in the shadow.

Don't spend your time and money while reinventing the wheel. Supervisely care about entire workflow from raw data to building and deploying neural networks for your special task without coding. Focus on AI, let Supervisely do the rest!

Built on top of your favorite tools

We use popular and well-accepted technologies so your developers can extend and customize Supervisely to meet your organization’s needs, like integrate new neural networks.

Deployments and updates of self-hosted installation of Supervisely are as easy, as running Docker image.


Supervisely is here not to replace your data scientists, but to help them make better products.

Add your existing neural networks as Docker images to Supervisely and run them against datasets. Validate quality with stats dashboard, correct the results in annotation tool and repeat again — that's human-in-the-loop.

Offline Hosting

Have complete control over your data with highest level of privacy and security.

Supervisely was built as a web platform — so you can start with just one server instance or scale it to dozens for performance and redundancy. You can store your images on bare-metal machines or connect Supervisely to already exiting S3-compatible cloud.


Why use Enterprise Edition

In-house operators

Can't transfer your domain knowledge to outsource annotators? Launch labeling with your own specialists!

Scalable annotation

Setup hundreds of users with custom permissions, distribute work and monitor the whole process.


Apply trained neural network to get pre-segmentation masks to turn them into high quality training data.

Your custom models

Speed up annotation by running your own neural networks on datasets and then just correct the result.

Granular permissions

Ensure your datasets are secure by specifying unique permissions to any type of action, such as annotation or viewing.

Support and Maintenance

You will get bug fix guarantee and access to our extended support, training and installation audits to meet your needs.

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