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NN for interactive object segmentation. Allows to significantly speed up manual annotation. Can be customized for your specific task.
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SmartTool is a class-agnostic annotation tool created specifically for semantic segmentation.


Train configuration

Default train configuration available in model presets.

Also you can read common training configurations documentation.

  • lr - Learning rate.
  • epochs - the count of training epochs.
  • val_every - validation peroid by epoch (value 0.5 mean 2 validations per epoch).
  • batch_size - batch sizes for training (train) and validation (val) stages.
  • gpu_devices - list of selected GPU devices indexes.
  • data_workers - how many subprocesses to use for data loading.
  • dataset_tags - mapping for split data to train (train) and validation (val) parts by images tags. Images must be tagged by train or val tags.
  • loss_weights - loss weights for loss function. Splited on points weights and main_class weights.
  • special_classes - objects with specified classes will be interpreted in a specific way.
  • weights_init_type - can be in one of 2 modes. In transfer_learning mode all possible weights will be transfered except last layer. In continue_training mode all weights will be transfered and validation for classes number and classes names order will be performed.

Full training configuration example:

  "lr": 0.01,
  "epochs": 5,
  "val_every": 1,
  "batch_size": {
    "val": 8,
    "train": 16
  "input_size": {
    "width": 256,
    "height": 256
  "gpu_devices": [
  "data_workers": {
    "val": 0,
    "train": 3
  "loss_weights": {
    "points": 0.5,
    "main_class": 1
  "special_classes": {
    "foreground": "obj"
  "weights_init_type": "continue_training"

Inference configuration

For full explanation see documentation.

mode - group contains all mode settings:

  • name - mode name defines how to apply NN to image (e.g. full_image - apply NN to full image)

  • model_classes - which classes will be used, e.g. NN produces 80 classes and you are going to use only few and ignore other. In that case you should set save_classes field with the list of interested class names. add_suffix string will be added to new class to prevent similar class names with exisiting classes in project. If you are going to use all model classes just set "save_classes": "__all__".

Full image inference configuration example:

  "name": "full_image",
  "model_classes": {
    "save_classes": [
    "add_suffix": ""

Warning: we highly recommend not change default configurations.



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