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Fully managed team of well-trained annotators with dedicated project manager will provide you with high-quality training data.

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Fully Managed Labeling Service

Get accurate Training Data on scale with expert annotators and the leading labeling platform

up to 50 demo hours


Best AI Platform

Manage and track annotation workflow at scale with our best-in-class labeling and training data management platform.

Build neural networks and custom solutions within the single environment.

Why choose us

On-demand annotation service for company of any size

Fully Managed

Every client is assigned a project manager. Relax and monitor labeling progress in Supervisely.


We maintain the best in class accuracy with well-trained workers and the right tools.


Team size can be scaled up or down back as per your needs.


Every member of our team signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

For every Use Case

With best-in-class tools we support every type of annotation

Bounding Boxes


Semantic Segmentation




Online or On-Premise

Get a free 30 days trail or chat with us about an enterprise plan

supervisely install
> downloading pre-requirements...
> pulling docker images...
> installing software...
> Done! Supervisely is running on port :80

supervisely update
> checking for updates...
> Your version is up to date!

Self-hosted or cloud-hosted

No matter where you choose to host Supervisely: on your server, in the cloud (AWS, Azure or GCP) or prefer online version — you will have the best security & control to fit your organization’s needs.

Priority Support

We create a dedicated Slack workspace for each customer to provide technical, development and integration support.

You will have a direct access to the top level data scientists, software engineers and, of course, dedicated success manager.

Team Manager17:33
Hello @supervisely! Is there a way to create a project via API?
Sure thing, check out this docs!

Effortless Integration & Customization

Store your data on bare-metal or connect to S3-compatible cloud, add existing users with Single sign-on (LDAP or OpenID) or even extend functionality with Docker Plugins — Supervisely was built to be customised!

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