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Import Images

This plugin allows you to upload only images without any annotations. It supports several input file structures:

1. Flat set of images.

In this case, you can drag and drop one or many images from the same directory. File structure should look like this

├── img_01.JPG
├── img_02.png
├── img_03.jpeg
└── img_04.jpg

Plugin upload all images, create Dataset ds and put images there.

2. Directories with images.

For this case you have to drag and drop one or few directories with images. Directory name defines Dataset name.

├── my_folder1
│   ├── img_01.JPG
│   ├── img_02.jpeg
│   └── img_03.png
├── my_folder2
│   ├── img_01.JPG
│   ├── img_02.jpeg
│   └── img_03.png
└── my_folder3
    ├── img_01.JPG
    ├── img_02.jpeg
    └── img_03.png

In this example we will drag and drop three directories: my_folder1, my_folder2 and my_folder3 at a time. As a result we will get project with three datasets with the names of corresponding directories.


Example of uploading a flat set of images:

Docker Image


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