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Supervisely Agent - is a small, but powerful task manager that allows to connect any computer (your office PC or cloud server) to the platform and use it for any computational tasks: neural network training/inference/deployment, training data preparation and many more.
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What is Supervisely Agent?

Supervisely Agent is a tiny docker container that allows you to connect your computational resources (cloud server or PC) to the platform. You can run any plugin from web interface (for exmaple import, DTL, Neural Network training/inference/deploy).

After you run Agent on your computer, Agent will automatically connect your server to Supervisely platform. You will see this information in "Cluster" page.

How Agent works

This principal scheme illustrates how agent processes the task.

How to run Agent?

Here you will find step-by-step guide about how to run Agent on your machine.

How to monitor Agent information?

Here you will find documentaion about how to monitor Agent status.

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