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Deep Systems story begins with consulting. We created self-driving car prototype, human pose estimation system, road scene understanding system, receipt recognition system and scene understanding module for autonomous harvester and others.

We have clients from the US, Canada, Europe and Russia. We have reached big experience in machine learning while doing the above projects.

And almost every our client (especially in computer vision) had problems with obtaining training data. was developed as our internal tool that we use in day-to-day work and refine for many years.

And we understand, many other companies require a service like So now we are proud to make it publicly available.

Our mission

Give AI companies training data they need.

Deep Learning is here to stay. The more training data — the smarter AI. We focus on the ways to get the training data as efficiently as possible.

Management team

Denis Drozdov


Maxim Kolomeychenko


Yuri Borisov

Chief Scientist

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