Community Edition

We learn a lot from our awesome community and want to give something back. Annotate your datasets, prepare training data and build custom neural networks - for free!

Full ecosystem for Computer Vision

Everything you need to build Deep Learning solutions within a single environment.

Manage your Data

Store your private data and public datasets in one format, one place. Always online and safe, with access permissions.

Public datasets

Configs for uploading and library of well-known datasets: PASCAL VOC, Cityscapes, COCO and more.

Access permissions

Decide who can view, annotate, download or train your projects and datasets.

  • Datasets library
  • Upload custom data
  • Role management
  • Data safety

Annotation powered by AI

Boost speed and quality of annotations with deep learning and crowd collaboration.

Smart tools

Class-agnostic model automatically segments dominating object inside selection.

Collaborative work

Multiple users can simultaneously annotate images under central control.

  • Online
  • Sharing
  • Filtering
  • Hot keys
  • Point, line, polygon, ...
  • Brush, eraser, ...

Validate entire workflow

Monitor your team activity and check quality of annotation results with statistics and comparative visualization.

Track activity

Know what every member of your team is doing.


Get insights and validate your data before diving into neural networks.

  • Revoke changes
  • Control workhours

Experiments made easier

Automate routine tasks of your data scientists like dataset combining, class mapping and data augmentation.

Developer first

Covert datasets with series of data transformation layers in a simple JSON format.

Data augmentation

Flip, crop, rotate, tag, distort...
We have dozens of actions to enhance your data.

  • Class mapping
  • Dataset combining
  • Reproducible experiments
  • Download in any format

Deep Learning out of the Box

Use ready State-of-the-Art architectures to train models on your own data and then deploy them as API to make your business smarter.

Model Zoo

Pre-trained models to start without any data at all.

Train on your data

Train with powerful architectures on custom data to solve your specific problem.

Deploy as API

Run your own neural networks in the cloud.

  • Without coding
  • Inference on your data
  • State-of-the-Art models
  • Preview results
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AI for everyone NEW

Deep Learning models on your own computer

Train & run best models on your PC

Forget about expensive clouds you can't control — a single command in your terminal will open access to a dozens top architectures like:

UNet V2
and many more!

And even more neat stuff:

  • Free
  • Private Data
  • Sharable
  • Checkpoints
  • Train Chart
  • Custom models
  • Training
  • Inference
  • Deploy as API

Dashboard & visualization

Your computer

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